Koosje van Tuttes Ugly Duckling (sia c 21) 1 year old.

One of our kittens: "Siamo" living with Jenny.


"Ugly" is already part of the catfamily.



this little super girl will live with the Battlefields-cats for the next couple of months:

More later!



The homepage is running again!!

10th of August 2008:

Altiquin Jet became number 8 (out of 137 dogs) at the Championship for young Retrievers between 12 and 24 months (Unghundemesterskab).

24th of May 2008:

Today Jet got a 2. Prize Open Class (Field Trial B)


17th of May 2008:

Jet got a 1. prize Open Class (Field Trial B)



26th of April 2008:

Jet got his second 1. prize in beginners class (Field Trial B)Now he is ready for Open Class

24th of April 2008:

The cats got a new outrun.


18th of April 08:

Jet got his first 1.prize in beginners class (Field Trial B).


The cats got a new climbingtree.



Anton has moved to his new home with Nina.



LilleMy got 5 little siamesekittens today.



23th of February 2008:

Kite is now IC,he got CACIB and a nomination in Germany.

Lillebror got his CAPIB.


20th of January 2008

Yesterday LilleBror (Sparrowhawk)got his 3.and last CAP in Tønder, so now he is PREMIER!

At the same show Kite got his 2. CACIB.

Judge for both: Ad de Bruin, Holland.


Kite is now a father to 4 kittens (in 3 litters):


2 kittens at Likai, Germany (mother: Nissens Uhssi)

Battlefield´s Anton (Mother:FIN*Arhantin Jala-Jala)

Piltofts KeeKee (Mother: Piltofts Pearl)


Show in Kolding

Kite got CACIB and was nominated

Lillebror got CAP and was nominated.


2-days show in Bogense (DK):

Kite got his 2. and 3. CAC and is now CHAMPION!

Besides he was nominated Sunday.


3rd of July:

Cato passed his qualificationtest.

First of July:

At the show in Hedensted Kite was once again nominated and Lillebror got his first CAP(judge Stephe Bruin).


20 th of may we had a nice visit:

Tippes swedish family Kerstin, Leif and 2 of their friends passed Horsens to see Tippe and her 4 children.

Kerstin and Vibeke.



Kite was nominated at the show in Esbjerg

"Tyksen" enjoys the sunshine in the outrun.


17th of March 2007:

Lille (Battlefield´s Little Tern) was nominated today at the show in Grömitz (Germany)

Congratulations to her owners Jürgen and Illona.


22th of January 2007:

Battlefield´s Albert (sia n)


21th of January 2007:

Lille (Battlefield´s Little Tern) was nominated in Bremen, Germany.


the 7th of January 2007.


And Battlefield´s Tundra Swan

also won BIS

again today

Battlefield´s Tundra Swan (sia n 21)

Owned by Jenny.

won BIS

in Gudme today the 6th of January 2007



26th of November 2006

Battlefield´s Pacific Swift (sia a 21)

won BIS

In Ebeltoft in competition with his brother Black Kite.



Battlefields Skylark (sia b)

All 7 kittens, 9 weeks old.



Battlefields Albert (sia n)is born!!

he is out of our

Battlefields Oskar (GIC FIN*Arhantin Midas/FIN*Arhantin Jala-Jala)and

Battlefields Thelivingdaylight (CH.SweetCats Nights in White Satin JW/S*Limericks Xantippe)

Albert almost 3 weeks old.


Battlefields Kingfisher (sia b) boy.

The bigbrother in the litter, he likes to play and "fight" not afraid of anything. He has a very "adult" look. Likes to lie on my lap and loves to be pet. I think he will be a big boy.

Battlefields Little Tern (sia n 21)girl. SOLD!

Nominated in Bremen 21. of January 2007.

Very talkative girl, loves to find new places to lie. Active little girl, who like to be pet when she has the time for it.

Battlefields Sparrowhawk (sia b21) boy.

He loves to lie close to people, a bit afraid of new things. Calm and very sweet little boy. The first to cross the bars we have made when the kittens were babies. Quite elegant little boy with a beautiful warm chocolate colour.

Battlefields Skylark (sia b)girl. STAYS IN CATTERY!

She likes to eat and eat! She comes to me every time I enter the babyroom. I think she will stay here :-).

Battlefield´s Pacific Swift(bluetabbypoint)boy. SOLD! BIS Winner in Ebeltoft 2006!!!

He is the biggest of the boys, likes a good "fight", but he also loves to be pet. A bit more calm than the chocolate pointed brother. A very elegant boy, who loves to lie on my lap.

Battlefields Black Kite (sia n 21)boy.


Nominated in Ebeltoft 2006.

He is the smallest of the boys,comes to me every times he sees me. He started to purr when he was very young and loves to be pet. A very sweet boy.

4 months old in her new home.

Battlefields Tundra Swan(sia n 21) girl. SOLD!

2 x BIS in Gudme January 2007.

This little girl was always the smallest of all the kittens, but as she loves to eat I guess she soon will be as big as the rest. She talkes and purrs a lot and loves to be pet. She is a true little princess.



3 weeks today!!!

 chocolatepoint boy



Some of the kittens.



a chocolatepoint boy ( I guess!!)

"My" and "Oskar" have a little fight in the back.


all 7!!

2 boys

next 2 boys

3 little girls.


Our cats






the little girl----------one of the boys


2 more boys!



7 kittens are born today!!





Still waiting!!!


29. of June 2006:



17. of June 2006:

Tippe is pregnant with international champion Okonor Olmek, a beautiful chocolatetabbypoint male from Germany.

Pedigree for the expected litter here:

Ch. Okonor Olmek.  heart03b.gif S*Limericks Xantippe


 14. of May 2006:

Yesterday we drove Tippe to Germany to meet a nice male and today she was mated, hopefully we will have kittens in the middle of July.              

Pedigrees and names will follow later.



"Oskar"  2 months old.


4. of February 2006:

19 days.

4 days

16. of January 2006:

 Lille (FIN*Arhantin Jala-Jala)has one kitten today, it is a little boy.

5. January 2006:

A big surprise: Our female "Lille" is pregnant with Midas. It is more than 2 years since she had her last litter and we had almost given her up as breeding queen.

Oskars-pedigree here.


 Battlefields CasinoRoyal won BIV in Struer

Saturday the first of April 2006.


CONGRATULATION to our little

Battlefield´s Casino Royal (sia b) who became BIS (kitten 3-6 months) at the show in Køge 28th of January 2006, and his new owner Jenny.




dec. 2005.

All kittens are now in their new homes. We have kept the sealpoint girl,she enjoys her life with some of the adult cats.

Kittens born 23. of August.                    

Father is IC. SweetCats Nights in White Satin (sia n) mother: S*Limericks Xantippe (sia n 21).


2 of November:

09. of November:

sealpoint girl

Battlefields Thelivingdaylight. STAYS!


19 of October+ 23. October:

Chocolatetabbypoint boy. Sold to Heine and Jeanette

chocolatepoint boy. Sold to Jenny.

chocolatepoint girl. Sold to Vibeke and Torben

sealtabbypoint girl. Sold to Gurli and Jimmy

sealpoint girl: Battlefield´s TheLivingDaylight.STAYS!


25. of September:

Battlefield´s TheWorldIsNotEnough

chocolatetabby boy

Chocolatepoint girl

Battlefield´s ForYourEyesOnly

chocolatepoint boy

Battlefield´s CasinoRoyal


22 of September:


Battlefield´s ForYourEyesOnly                                 

10.of September.

Now we have found the theme for this litter, it will be a James Bond litter.

  23. of August 2005. Tippe had her kittens today.

They were 8 kittens but 3 of them was stillborn so Tippe has now 5 little babies. One of them however is very small, but we hope the best. Tippe is doing fine and is a very proud mother.

Pictures will come later (no batteries in camera)



14. July 2005:

We are expecting kittens around end of August. Father is IC.SweetCats Nights in White Satin (sia n) mother: S*Limericks Xantippe (sia n 21). Kittens pedigree here.


21. June 2005:

Our Tippe (S*Limericks Xantippe) is visiting a nice sealpoint siameseboy. We hope for kittens in a couple of months.















































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